Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


(Last tribute from a father to his dead son)
I have heard you talk
I have seen you crawl
I have seen you chuckle
I have heard you chortle
I have seen your face so wide
Like the vast surface of the skies
I have seen you dance and wiggle
I have seen you flaunt your dimples
But I have never seen your body calm
Like river flowing in the direction of tide
I have never felt you so cold
Like the snows along Soweto
But if truly you have crossed
Over that barricade of death
Take this to heaven and God
Say its a message from earth
The little children are learning
The scary rhythms of battlecry
The youths spend their earning
On swords, axe, bow and spear
Our apt warriors are bracing up
For the coming of Armageddon
Because we are tired of this loose heart
That beats today and stops tomorrow
We are fed up with this bulging eyes
That rain tears in depth of sorrow
We want no more of cold blood
Splashed on this virgin floors
We want to be the master
Ruling upon our own lives
Take this to heaven, son
As we stare at the sun
Micheal Ace

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Let this poetry remain a scar
Like those paths upon your palm
Let these words stay fragrant
Like the hand that pulls your pant
For my lips may hold yours tight
Still, I may never have your back

Let my promises be the paradise
That sounds sweet on Sabbaths
Let my touches remain fingers
Let them caress you hard at night
For if I'm caught on the game of life
I may sit, sad but watch you die

Let my smiles remain the stars
That would never desert the sky
Even when the livings die
And heaven sheds off her might
For love is a bird soaring so high
Which is just a wish for mankind

Let my beauty become a monstar
For your loneliness and cowardice
Let my voice become the drawer
That speaks soft but fetches tears
For nothing wastes the art of man
Like this love which is simply lie

So let love be to those that write
Let them use it to brew their art
Let's give this love to mamma
Let her keep it at the graveyard
For the fall of earth and man
Is this love which is simply lie

 Micheal Ace

Monday, 3 October 2016



There are traumas inscribed
On the dark side of our eyes
But this memory won't last
For tomorrow is another day
When our tongues shall repeat
This tale of beauty and the beast

There are differences in colours
That blesses our flags and skins
It differs where we come from
Their sun don't rise from the east
They don't sing the songs we sing
They are beauty and we are beasts

There are more than one heaven
We don't belong to the same God
They have a law which is eleventh
'Do not be brothers with the poor'
There is pure warmth in our tears
That is where they wash their wears

But our tongues are meant to wail
We can sing and write our pains
But we won't pick up the dagger
Because we are only meant to wish
And dream of things that matter
They are beauty and we are beasts

So there are traumas inscribed
On the dark side of our eyes
But this memory won't last
For tomorrow is another day
When our tongues shall repeat
This tale of beauty and the beast

Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Close your eyes
For these mysteries don’t belong here
Look deep into the darkness
There is a poor girl
Do whatever she tells you
Then you shall find death in her eyes
In her mouth
In her arms
In the silence she calls night
And in the dirt on the rags she wear
Close the doors when you sleep
But leave your nostrils wide
For when death comes
It shall come through you like air
And leave like worms in your ears
It shall come like a woman and open her legs wide
So you can return home
In peace
In pleasure
And in the beautiful dramas you see
The best way to die
Is to go through the darkness
And the poor girl in there
But the worst way to die
Is to go through the legs of a woman
And the pleasures in there
Because heaven belongs to those who weep
Those who find sorrows in these fears
Those who dream
And those who sail home in their tears
Micheal Ace


(Response to FOR HOW LONG by #Oki_Julius)
A man will lose his tongue
To the wails of his poetry
To the cries of the readers
To the darkness of this night
For he asks 'for how long'?
He has taken much more
Than his rocky teeth can chew
For he dare asks 'for how long'
When these miseries had begun
Even before we were born
I will take him down to Africa
For him to see that a lifetime
Is too short for this to last
He will hear the faint echoes
Singing 'we have just begun'
I will ask and he will ask
She will ask and they will ask
That for how long will sorrow last
On the white path of our eyes
But none shall know the answer
Because Nigeria is the home
Of those who curse their land
Nigeria is the home
Of patriot with no true heart
Nigeria is home of those who say
There is another home so faraway
Micheal Ace


She is five
She has clocked six
But something is happening tonight
The roof is burning
But daddy is not home,
He has gone to church
Mummy is not home
She has gone to the mosque
Somebody help !!!
She is Nigeria
And she is dying tonight
For this fire is coming down
To take a bite on her skin
Heaven is coming down
To steal her from her dreams
Nigeria! She is dying tonight
Somebody help!!!
So when she is burnt to death
I will bury her in five graves
Each of six feet
Because she died at fifty-six
She died because no one cares
No one sees her fears
Everyone says she is independent
Whereas, she is in-dependence
Micheal Ace


We were encircled
our feelings entangled
we had one million moment
in that single moment
emotions flooded in torrent
one in a million torrent

Each braid of hair braided in braids
braids of your braided hair
braided in braiding braids
my fingers ran through the braids
as each strand downs its braid
braided are strands
stranded are the braids.

We swam in paddles
and paddled with the canoe
the sky must miss our view
we shone the shows of soweto
our colours were dreams of rainbow
and to our loving pours,the rain bows

Didn't my lips stumbled on yours?
and we had love cuddled in us?
didn't we pace the earth's pace on horse?
we had all the glimpse of all in all
all of me loved all of you
but now
all of you hurts all of me
all for you
and none for me.

Micheal Ace


Had i known
you had been on tour with a whirlwind
you had eat with death on a grave feast
I woudn't
have mocked you with your one toe
and till your soil with my odd hoe

ASAKE is the mortal God
She reached the end,she went further more
she makes a stuborn queen go on bald
and breaks the cloud in whole or part
How mythical is her claw?
It could break the galaxy in her accord

What a pity
Shame on you ASAKE
you can write but cannot erase
unable to reverse your actions even till date
your mercy dwells on the castle in the air
as you are too dumb to halt a battle you declare

An encyclopeadia cannot whole your mythical history
even no writer would dare pen your radical misery
ASAKE is the fear of the whole town
Feminine in look but supermanly in mind

Do you care to hear ASAKE's horror tale
If YES,then
you want to be a prey that gives honor wail
Maybe its better you read about her here and keep a shut
Do not let people hear,do not tell the world

ASAKE...(A young lady with great supernatural power in a yoruba tale)

Micheal Ace


Tell to this hawking hawk
To stop flipping flips
Whisper to hopping hops
To stop skipping skips
Because as my past would take the feather
It would gate the pace

Tell a secret to Matilda
Make her eyes eye all things down
Can you go near a lion
Tell it its vocal is told to hang on
Write a wish on the skies
That i am dead in disguise

Ayanyoju,this goat cries
I could hear from where its blood dried
It wails for its skin you skinned
and the bury of a pin you pinned
Tell him to continue beating
For my legs will save the earth no beatings

I am the glow of rainbow
the snow along soweto
I am the crow of the cock
the cock of the crow
I am Alive
I am Alive

Micheal Ace