Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Beyounce season 1

(One woman one kingdom)

Epidode 1

We can bury this hatchet...someone ask,when?
I gave an answer...when you are ready to surrender your all.

I was still at the camp when i thought of quiting for there was no much i could see just that my brothers get armoured and set for warfield

My immediate brother then came home one afternoon,he saw me at a distance and could capture a viewof my countenance
He knew what i wanted but gave me what i needed,he held me by arm and off we went to the Warfield

I never told beyounce i was going to war,i had just failed my promise
So i decided to do all in a snap before i let the cat out.

Having a glimpse of the scene,a little drop of hot tears escaped and what the hell do i see?...
Left alone by my brother, i ran up in despiration,bent to pick asword from a wasted owner.
Before i could make the sword to fight,before i straightened my back,i had seen the tipy mouth of arrow which pierced through my back
I tried a look at the shooter,the onewho was so dumb as to know am the only son of beyounce

But my eyes shut faster than my view,he escaped my sight as i fell flat on the ground
Yo,I died.

Watch out for Beyounce(Episode 2)

Micheal Ace

(One woman One kingdom)

Episode 2

Sitting on the sand pit with Pyaar
Pyaar,the most beautiful maiden on earth

Have you ever seen the rounds of python?
Or the twistof an aligator?
If not,play my pyaar a tune.

Have you ever seen the white of an egg?
The glowing sparks of the skies?
Then make my pyaar open her teeth.

As awesome as Ajao is to the yorubas,he has the hand longer than the thigh
As lovely and darling pyaar is to me,we would onlylast for a while
What an ill fate,but this is my story

Did i say we sat on a sand pit?
Yes,we did
There i told her how i came back to life after been shot
I told her all that happened,all i saw
She smiles happily and said,its luck to have you here
Then she stole a kiss from me.

But i remembered what my uncle said
Because of the curse my mother had caused,no maiden of ourcity will last Two Decades on earth
that why pyaar wont be mine forever.
But there lies one remedy,only one....
Beyounce be made a sacrifice

Damn,my mother
Do i keep pyaar forever and killbeyounce the tyranny or let pyaar go and protect my mother?.

Which will i do?

Watch out for Beyounce(episode 3)

Micheal Ace

(One woman One kingdom)


And who is the demon that secretly tell beyounce about my secret affair with pyaar...?

She called me this evening.
I greeted her as soon as i enter her palace,then she stood up and said,let make a walk to the prison yard son.
We were moving past prisoners,many that are innocent,silence governs the moment except for the groan of dying souls

Then we came to this particular yard where i saw a girl i seem torecogniseand when beyounce ask her to raise her head....
Damn it,its my pyaar.

I fell on my knees and beyounce bent to whisper to my ears...'This girl is getting killed in 3daystime.
I was left there with pyaar where we weeped our last drop of tears,there were no more tears and maybe that is why pyaar began to smile

She smiled and said its her cross and she have to take it,its her punishment of ever loving a man,pyaar said.If she ever happen to come to a next world,she would still Love me again.

Wow,That is Love,that is what Love is.

I thought deeply on what i could do to avert this situation but all to no avail so i put up a decision and went for a poison that Right on the day pyaar die,i die too.

Then the cock crow

I rushed out but i was late,pyaar was already tied on woods,set to be burnt.

There i lie with the poison in my handwhen they lit the wood and its starts burning,i made an attempt to see her face...
Oops,she was smiling, smiling at me,but before this fire gets to her......................

Watch out for Beyounce(episode 4)

Micheal Ace

(One woman One Kingdom)

The Final Episode (4)

Episode 1 is just a preview of this final episode.

Before the fire gets to pyaar,there came an halt as the war whistle was blown
Everyone got statued,war has been declared by our neighboring city.all guards left the scene as Pyaar got freed because of the lesser in preference of her case.

I took pyaar home and then she told me the most awful news of my life.
She said,Tommorow is the day i will be twenty and as you know that i can not live past that age,i have just postponed my death till tommorow.

I left Pyaar home and ran to my uncle who told me of the remedy,i asked him of another way out apart from killing my mother then he said
You die.
Its either Beyounce die or an heir die.

I was dumbfolded as i sat at the backyard of our camp,icant let pyaar die and am not ready to leave her too so i decided to kill my mother beyounce the tyranny

Then my immediate brother(adopted son) came back from war to get food,
So i went with my brother to the warfield as he held my arm

In despiration to kill my mother when i saw her afar,i bent to pick a sword but then i was already shot
I fell and i tried a look at the one who was too dumb to know am the only son of beyounce

I actually saw the face of the shooter
Oh,its beyounce,its mother

How the hell do this witch know my mission?
All i hear her say was...

"You stone of a son,you dare think of killing your mother because of a girl.Die,Die my son."
Beyounce is really a Tyranny and not a mother i think


I gave a smile and said...
Although i lose my life in the end but i save pyaar instead

Then i breath my last
Yo,I died

Micheal Ace

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