Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Love gets Meaner

Love gets Meaner I We kicked off with an eyeing Then the spherical eluded the core I am the Alpha,you are the Beta and for how far,Love was the gamma We did the dos',indeed in deuce The bow shot,arrow aroused in mused. II From Kilo to Tera bits to byte You know its better we sing tonight I conceived a twin, You quadrupled it Elena, love gets meaner III Dug from earth to sky The peace the foes despised Then it's dawn of coin Deeds the done retard Love comes to those who hope Not me dangling on a rope IV From abacus to dell love had been dents in den From pinch of sulphur to hell Dens is then dents in them Them that love and gets skinner Elena, love gets meaner V Hugged the kiss we touched Shone the street was scorched I suspend my case I will continue in "satan is gay" Micheal Ace (C)ACEworld

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