Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Friday, 6 November 2015

Satan is gay: Part 1

Satan is Gay
(an adventure of Prose,poetry and drama)

Part 1

Comodo breathed in,sighed after he breathed out,he had polluted the air again with flames from his cigarette.
What good is better than the flavour from a burning marijuana
His manhood is relatively the same length as the blue-tinted bottle of goldberg, Dango could tell as he could make an eye-survey since comodo was naked.

You are. On myaceworld

Comodo's sister entered,comodo had one day pin this girl of sixteen to the wall,he had dashed a chopping knife to her neck and gave her a one in a million threat. The girl had one day caught him in the act.
Neigbours were still ignorant of comodo's situation since his sister who could let out the cat was under probation to gum her lips.
Dango welcome his friend's sister but that hissed and walked away, maybe the flame or her nude brother,maybe its even the disgust of their lives,many factors could have let the girl behave to them like that.

You are on myaceworld

Comodo dipped his hands into dango's brown pant, he brought out his cucumber and began a caress with his mouth. dango's heart was beating so fast,he was new in the game. Though he had paid the tithe but still yet not accustomed to the sexual deal between two masculine specie. Dango skipped a breath and called Comodo to attention. Comodo stared at him in despiration, he was eager to hear what vacated him from his menacios but sweet adventure.
Dango said in a doubtful expression,I think I like your sister.

You are on myaceworld

Immediately comodo heard this,he withdrew and gave a dangerous laughter.
'What the hell just dropped from your mouth?'
Comodo asked,

I think jamie is sexy and beautiful. But dango could not yet get another blink when comodo made his palm scribe on dango's face. He gave him a staining slap.

You are on myaceworld

Jamie could hear although faintly from her room that lucifer has downed between the duo but she ignored the battle cry.
Comodo and Dango started a war,and in less than an hour, comodo had lay dead with shafts of broken bottle pinned to his head.

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