Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Monday, 15 February 2016

ABAKE (Omo Iya Agba)

(Omo Iya Agba)

The sun called his children one evening,
From Mercury the eldest to Pluto.
He beckoned to earth to bow and kneel,
For she is the child with heart of stone.
Let silence reign on beats of our hearts
as he tells the tale of Abake (Omo Iya Agba)

Abake was the queen amongst her sisters,
with locks of her hair in silvery strands.
her teeth were epitome of whiteness,
and her skin symbolizes the aptness in black.
But these uniqueness sneaked to her sense
as humility became her future impossible tense.

The village elders summoned her highness
Kabiesi was also present at the palace.
The chiefs spoke ill of her stinking pride
The king himself made his words in orders,
But Abake had left her ears under her mat
making all sane words fell on thorny paths

Abake was by the river side one morning
When a passer-by stumbled on her pot
She picked a shaft and stabbed the old man
and that cursed her just before he died
Abake began growing boils on her fresh skin
till she became monster hated by all being.

So blessed are you my beloved child,
If you be not like Abake (Omo Iya Agba)
For the proud sky loses it's cloud as rain
and a stubborn sea ends up being drained.
Still, i'm most concerned about you earth
you are the most beautiful but of hard heart.


Abake: A female name in Yoruba culture.
Omo Iya Agba: A girl brought up by an old woman
Kabiesi; A name given to yoruba kings which means "Unquestionably"


Written by Micheal Ace

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