Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Friday, 12 February 2016


I dedicate this to...

* The literary planet team
* My readers, co-poets and parents in this literary world
* and finally to Michael Larry


I believe the sky is too vast
For birds to interlock wings
and life in contrasting contrast
Crowns everyman as a king
If my victory means no dime to you
Then so should be my defeat

I have always done my best
But I've never yearn to be the best
Because every of my finish line
Begets the start of another's race
My life in ironic hyperbole
has sure placed me among the gods

But I'm sure these mistakes i made
Even with time will never fade
So that's why i say i'm sorry
For my incompetent competing
For manipulating my literature
To quietly settle for failire

*These are my profound apologies
From my heart to my wordy weaves
I respect your love for my art
And my witch craft on this cradle mat
This sun will never again darken my peace
If you accept my apologies

Micheal Ace


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