Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Forever Young by Ogechi Veronica and Micheal Ace

Forever young

by Ogechi Veronica and Micheal Ace

Everything is one in love
Evrything is sour in war
Take a breath so breathtaking
For scarce is air in space ages
Let's hope for the worst of best
To be forever young in this tempest

This night is getting darker
But i vow to hold your hands
The towel won't wrap us together
but i will stay covered while naked
I won't define this love with wealth
to be forever young in it's context

This love shall never end
Even in death, we shall love
beyond this sphere
With a kiss of trust,we seal this bond
One plus one, arithemetic said two
But we remain one
Under this umbrella of love
Chained together, forever young
In this passionate river- Love

Your beauty is the envy of all maidens
Princes from yonderland strive in contest for your love
As you twist your waist in graceful steps
Fairest maiden
Soak me into your vineyard
Let me drink of your sweetvines
As we toast in the cup of love
Dig me still,deeper into your abode
For I am drunk in love.

Everything is one in love
Everything is sour in war
Even if the gods say otherwise
there are no true guides than our hearts
Let us be morphemes in words of earth
to be forever young in time's sentence.


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