Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I will seek vengeance by Micheal Ace...

I will seek vengeance!!!

When i'm strong enough to love,
and the flags show me freedom
When i've taught my feet to run
from the battle cry of the dingdong.

Then lo, i will rise and thrive
Behold, i will seek vengeance

When i'm old enough to understand
that it takes more than life to live,
When i know the voice of the world
only speaks in the silence of words.

Then lo, i will fly and shine,
Behold, i will seek vengeance.

When i see there are no right answers,
there are only ways that works for me
When the only joy of being alive,
it's just being happy wherever i be

Then lo, i will high and right
Behold, i will seek vengeance.

When those that strip me in shame
are the kings and queens of 'now'
When i later know the fleshs of today
are the dried bones of tomorrow

Then lo, i will kite and light
Behold, i will seek vengeance

Micheal Ace

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