Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A man I call god

Let the àkàlàmàgò puncture the sky
Let the rain of blessing shower on us
Let Kìnìhún olóólà ijù rumble the forest
And let the evil trees stumble and fall

Let Oká, Ojòlá, Erèlapà walk in convoy
Let's see the hunter that dare face them
Let paramólè come running in anger
And let's see the bastard that shall wait

Let òsùmàrè rule after the blissful rain
Let the dòngarì of king bring out drums
We shall dance to bàtá, omele, gangan
We shall all joyfully sing fújì, àpàlà, jùjú

Because today, another man is born
A man in giant robes, a man I call god
Because today we celebrate his birth
The birth of a god, the birth of this man

Àkàlàmàgò: A prominent type of bird
Kìnìhún olóólà ijù: The Lion {The king of the forest}
Òsùmàrè: Rainbow
Oká, Ojòlá, erèlapà, Paramólè: Type of snakest
Dòngárì: The kings servants {They run errands for king}
Bàtá, Omele,Gangan: Legendary drums in Yoruba culture
Fújì, àpàlà, jùjú: Type of music in Yoruba land.

Micheal Ace

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