Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Father!, Father!!, Father!!!.
Why have you slept with your eyes deeply closed?
Why are you cold and freezed under your coat?
Please get up from slumber and drink your pap
Stop scaring my little heart, it is twilight

I remembered the night under the palm wine shed
When you told me all your miseries in pain and tears
That night, the stars played hide and seek with your eyes
Because struggles has made you partially blind
Father, please give me a chance to praise your plights

How i wish i can run million mystery miles,
Just to fetch your bucket fresh water of pay back
I am ready to leave for city in hustle and strive
Just to feed you with fine morsel of pounded yam
Now why have you followed mother to afterlife?

That single moment when we will sit in love
When i will talk and you will respond
That moment when we will pray in memory of mother
When no twist in time will put us asunder,
Has finally become A MOMENT ALREADY GONE.

Micheal Ace

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