Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Ààntéré (the lost child)

Hello father, in this shinning grave
You have given my earth filthy shave
as you lived with me only for few days
I am the gift of the goddess, Ààntéré

I have left the village of traumas
The home of ever wicked mortals
I no longer live among uncivilized apes
I am a child born at old age, Ààntéré.

You have said with your last breath
Life is but a fierce race without rest
You said mother died of hunger grains
I am the child send on errands, Ààntéré

I have gone on trip to meet the 'Top'
For it has really missed me so much
I have left for city to spend my days
I am now the forever lost child, Ààntéré

Father, you should never sleep over there
You must always remember that i'm here
You must watch my feets on this race,
For i remain your only child, Ààntéré

Buy a heaven's white cat before my return,
Because she will dearly be my beloved
But let me live life first in whichever way
For now, call me the lost child, Ààntéré

Micheal Ace

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