Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I have lived lifeless in dead times
Merrimenting among sane elders
I recreate tricky pranks on infancy
and painted death in brilliant tinct.

My sojourn in the bubbly bank of life
then to the cosmos in mama's earth
There i live for periods of tripple trine
Playing comic spree with unseen flies

After which i land on brown pepples
Which mama's blood had soaked soft.
I sprint briefly under bruises and cuts
Then i stock them all back to afterlife.

The barricade of life which i stand on
Watching human wailing futile cries
I mock those cracks on papa's wrinkles
as they become his perfect trail of tears

Mama strolls at night admiring stars
As they all glom around their galaxy
She brings me back to life in praise
As i tauntingly mimic my said eulogies

But then i miss the taste of spicy soups
and that is only brewed in mama's pot
I board my boots and stagger aboard
to life then back again to amongst gods.

Àbíkú, the name that frightens mothers
The soul armoured by amazing blunders
I stalk life with the breathless demise
That in adherence to the endless endings.


Micheal Ace

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