Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


These words are not mine
They are not my mother's
They are just from a man
A man who has no mother
So read them without tears
With heart like those who have no mother
There was a room without roof
There was a pretty little girl inside
Then when the day was growing weak
I saw the walls closing in
I saw her heart drowned in fright
I could hear her calling out mother
Mother! Mother!! but there was no mother
I was not where the girl was
I was faraway from my eyes
I saw her tears like flames of fire
Her wails was like the cries of God
Her hair stood like frightened serpents
I saw blood running off her thighs
But the walls were blind and deaf
So they came and crushed her to death
I am a man who has a mother
So I'm too weak to tell her story
Now open your ears to my voice
Open your eyes to these words
Clear your mind off all thoughts
And listen while I tell another story
A story of no wall, of no little girl
A story of no 'me', no fear and no death
A story of your life and my rebirth
Micheal Ace

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