Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


For this pen so love these words
That she gave up her begotten ink
And whosoever lick them with love
Will not perish between my thighs.
But have an everlasting virgin heart.

Let me tell you of my impotence
And the death of my imp-potence
Let me tell you a secret far from truth
That there are just no secrecy in truths.
But i will tell mine to be told by you

I shall come in the presence of my pretense
And in the pretense of my presence
I shall fetch your heart with my heart
And shall promise you the earth and mars
But there is no love between my thighs

I will come with frowns wrapped in smiles
Asking for sails in between your thighs
I will come in the coat of many loves
Stitched with threads of no conscience
But there is no love between my thighs

So if i come with my packets of condom
And he comes with rose on your front door
Then hide me behind the blind mirror
And give your virgin heart to his heart
For there is no love between my thighs.

I do not say i have no love
It is just not between my thighs.

Micheal Ace

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