Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Buy me off my senses
hastily drive me nut
Let me write this poetries
naughty while i'm hot

Buy me off my dresses
feed my eyes your porn
Let me fake my besties
that you're one in all

Buy me with your breasts
and your sexiness
Show me you're the best
queen of pestilence

Buy me with whore's sex
drive me penniless
Flaunt your jezebels
Sell me negligence.

But remember your price
is too cheap to buy my heart
You can only have my body
which i will soon retract

Remember those six packs
does not make a man a man
And that sexy body
makes not a woman

Buy me with your heart
then you can have my heart.
Flaunt to me your body
and it will fade with time.

Show me that you care
and i will make you dear,
Love comes not by magic,
and i'm not magician.

Micheal Ace

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