Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


If only this road is plastered
With foot laced with smiles
I would have felt the freedom
To tell my childhood dreams
But this is not a road but a page
A page where every fingers tap
In urge of likeness and comments
Where everyone has a true heart.
So here comes my childhood dreams.
I had a dream
That when my years grow older
I would not have to rain tears
When my knife bites the onions
I had a dream
That when my day's hair is grey
I would not grind stones in rice
And curse my teeth in pain
I did have a dream
That my eyes shall no more see
My mother always being battered
With hate clothed in ragy love
I had a dream
That I shall be free
Like a grain left in the bottle
To become an ill dream for birds
But what are childhood dream?
Childhood dreams are like balloons
That float in the air for a while
And come back to kiss the sands
Only to be thrown up again
Childhood dreams are like me
Because I still do believe
That they don't last forever
Whereas, they live longer than life

Micheal Ace

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