Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Date a poet
From the first date of your date
Swoon shall sun you with mellow phrase
Such beauty, eyes despised at  the gate
He glorifies Ginika girl without grace.

Date a poet
He sings your name when dusk is falling
And yellow moon smiles across the land
When Nightingales to loving mates are calling
Love,he writes the soothing comfort of your hand.

Date a poet
Even in night dreams he still remember
        The lingering of your kiss,for yesterday sakes
 With all your gentle ways,so sweetly tender
       He still dreams you in the morning when he wakes.

Date a poet
     with your face painted with ugly pretty smile
His pen drinks you through every changing season
Praising your best worst with no good reason
And he always wants you all the while.

Date a poet
For he sees the tears beneath your smiles,
and knows your waves amidst the tides.
poets are awesome lexicographers,
as they paint letters to word in a depth farther.

Date a poet but date me first,
Let me show you the love in our calls,
When i kiss your lips when you are here,
I can also do so when you are far up there
All i need is a pen, you can keep the rest.

Have you seen a blue sun?,
Have you sighted a pink sky?
Worry not for my pen can paint the sun
as well scribe in pink all in sky.
Earth is where i live, i can bring it down to you.

Date a poet but beware,
For your tears are the ink in my pen.
Break not my heart, fall not my hands,
For i am a poet, i know the sweetness of love
So date a poet, date me first.

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