Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Obàtálá has paid his obeisance
Òrúnmìlà homages in obedience
Lámúrúdu covetingly hails thee
Odùduwà bows to daying ages

Àdìtú is the 'he' all miles above
The sol-ing mystery solely aloft
When my ill heart forgets thee
Elédùà, please pardon my deeds

The heavens wrap around you
Like darkness does around moon
The earth globes your periscope
Like Mònàmómí illumines all road

When these pavements cluster
And my footsteps does wander
Eye Àdàbà will bring me morning
A morning soaring tall and sunny

Àkììkìtán, thou with zillion names
Kùrukùru sings her cloudy praise
The dead flaunters in their graves
The livings tiptoe around thy grace

Elédùmarè, I have come kneeling
For all your mercies and blessings
My slumbering sleeps shall fail me
So I have woken to sing thy praises.

Elédùmarè - God.
Obàtálá - The said creator of Yoruba land.
Lámúrúre - The begetter of Odùduwà.
Òrúnmìlà - A legend in Yoruba history.
Odùduwà - The father of all Yoruba race.
Àdìtú - Mystery.
Elédùà - God.
Mònàmóná - Lightening.
Eye Àdàbà - Dove.
Àkììkìtán - One who deserves endless praise.
Kùrukùru - The cloud.

Micheal Ace

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