Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Let your ears kiss my lips
While i sing my panegyrics

Omo oká, omo erèlapà
Omo akékaka k'ólórò gbó
T'ólórò bá gbó, kíni ólórò fé se
Omo a gbó má bi enìkan
Omo afòròmokùn bíi àgbà

Here I come in my prosodic attire
Stitched in rhymed poetic meters
I have sojourned all beauty states
But your hamlet is my solace place

Fìwàsewà, please see for yourself
That throne that awaits my climbs
Haven't you read on future's shelf?
That I shall kingly bear that crown

Fìwàsewà, listen not to the moons
When they blackmail my bossy sun
For there shall be the envious mars
When life flutters around my earth

Fìwàsewà, have you ever been told?
That your sparkles surpass 'kóró isin'
Whose darkness intimidates the night
Àrólé ewà, olójú arédè, eléyinjú egé

We shall dwell on the garden of love
Freshened by cool and flashy wealth
We shall swim in lagoons of children
And die together for glorious reborn

>>Above panegyrics belong to the Àsádes where I hail from<<
Micheal Ace

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