Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Yesterday was for the children
Today shall be for you, the child-less

The all of sages in this poetryhood
Wear me mantle of verbose accents
And here I come with them for you
In this lines weaved in lyrical parcels

My ears hear again what father said;
There are no barrens, they are no-one
But he would never know you breath'e'
Because he was born and I was born

My mother knew little about barrens
She said in tales; they are the childless
But there's more before the word 'less'
Something more but spelt like c-h-i-l-d

I have known the all and every-s of you
I have read about your childlessness
I have seen the flaunting seeds in you
The rainy cries and your know-lessness

I have seen your womb and her 'Isaac'
The goodnews, good and new promises
I see another yesterday for the children
I see you in another today as their parent

I say; the all of sages in this poetryhood
Has sent me honey to fill your eye-cups
I hope I've drain these tears and drools
So, I can now find blessings from the gods

Micheal Ace

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