Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


If i am enslaved by the breasts of maidens
Bathing my lusts in milky thirsts of disgusts
And if i forget the death you died on cross
Please forgive me, for i know not my flaws.

If fiction and poetry please my yellow eyes
Than the boring yolk of your lengthy words
And if your voice trembles not my earths
Please forgive me, i am nothing but a man

If lies besiege me with battalion of sarcasm
Making my feeble tongue true to falsehood
And if my don't s will always wear dos' shoe
Please forgive me, i'm far worse than a fool

If i my eyes go blind in barrenness of sights
As not to see tears from your thorned heart
And if i'm amused by the odes of your death
Please forgive me, i'm gulped by turbulence

If i find my peace so pleased by piece of piss
Having me enchanted to the spirits of drinks
And i spell sanity in the letters of 'drunkard'
Please forgive me, for my livelihood is vulgar

If my ifs are found unconditional in hell fire
Making my home solace with raging thunder
And i sleep my chest to be settee for mares
Please forgive my sins because of your death.

Micheal Ace

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