Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


My dreams have dreamt again
I am those dreams, I was there
But I didn't make it alive, I died
I died, but these words are alive

I had another mare yesternight
I saw God in splendorous regalia
I saw pixels of diamond on him
Each flowing in its sunny stream

How do I describe this blackness?
A blackness invisible without light
How do I inscribe God as black?
When my inks are darkened lights

I smelt his skins of spotless pores
Spotted in his pure pourable pores
His melanin sings sweetly as I hear
Oh I am black, I am black and black

I woke dead and thought in death
If the beauty of blackness is natural
Beautified in depth of nature's arc
Then I have seen the colour of breath

Because I had seen beauty in God
A natural beauty beautified with life
I have seen blackness, I have seen God
Black is beauty, God is beauty, God is black

Micheal Ace

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