Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


by Aremu Adams Adebisi and Micheal Ace

You are the reason I smile
moons and sunshines,
calling drummers to beat --
to party abstract voyagers.

You are the reason I cry
rivers in piercing nights,
making me sit by myself,
shooting the twinkling stars.

You are behind this dream
of a sight on a mountain's peak;
you are its propelling door
and its forceful waves.

You are the beaks of tongues
and the humans in hands;
you are the glorious birth
and the covered graves.

You are life and how it's lived,
the definition of a viccisitude;
you teach a beginning
so to learn in an end

The bone marrow of universe
and seed of the fertile births.
A home of imperiled earth
and the womb of paradise.

The width of emotions
and muse birthing emoticons,
How shall smiles last it's ego,
when heart lives in sorrow?

The face wear not a frown
at the freedom of a puzzled heart.
For stale is the apple of life,
from Adams' to throat of man.

The fragility of a feeble heart
Strong under the ribs of time.
Forms the ladder linking in even
the old aged seven of heavens.

If i am to cry my feet on tracks
then i shall begin with an homage to heart
For from 'in' comes the all of 'out'
and in the nucleus of map of life heart is cornered out.


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