Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


My child
I speak of this sane words
From the shattered grave
of your late mother

Do not chorus in wail
when life battle in cries of pain,

when the aroma of heaven make you drool
Still remember that life is good

My child
From the lungs of wisdom comes life
Still, wisdom kills the wise.
So be wise but know your bounds

Your siblings will never want you dead
Still they might not want you succeeded

Your friends will feel bad when you lose
But will feel worse when you top, be careful

My child
Sweet are the bitters of love
Bitter are the sweets of lust
Chose wisely for love is God

Respect the elders
even if they feed their greed on your poor pot

Always fight for whatever you want
But remember, don't bite the bad bait

My child
Your enemies are the drowning cats
And you are the fisherman
Save them when their scratch cause you harm

Ignore the noise of the world
But listen to the silence in word

It takes more than life to live in this world
So my child, Heed my word

Micheal Ace

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