Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


A very young girl you are,
sitting against the wind's tide.
You watch your vexed father
impatiently smash your mother.
Tears gain drops in hot flow,
as your mother cry and groan.

But you are epitome of beauty,
a girl with visions coupled with dreams.
You wonder marriage is of what duty?
when you can live alone as life streams.
You read my poem on 'how to Love'
Still you vow never to love.

Chaps aim to steal your heart,
love comes as you tear apart.
But men are the same you think,
You hate yourself as you grow older,
so obvious is how hurt your mother is
so you say,i can't be smashed either.

I admire your love for porn,
as sex is a demand for your age.
Men still scares you at '30'
so you keep blocking their chances.
How do you now give your mother smiles
by blessing her hands with her grandchild?.

Your school daughters are now mothers,
so it's time you put your life together.
Unfortunately, men don't look your way
because your fragility has passed it's days.
Your life now settle for pain at a corner,
Your wails are now cruel than your mother's.

But baby, i know it's not your fault,
for failing to learn 'how to love'
Because you have seen the beast in men,
and they agony faced by women.
But you only made a mistake,
of judging your future with
your mother's awful days,

Love is a journey of different ways
all you need is to choose your own fate.
Now honey, let's rewind the hands of time,
But am sorry, you can't be young again.
Continue to envy a life full of love,
for you failed to learn 'how to love'

Micheal Ace

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