Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016



I read from his k-neated lips
And the tender twists of his hips
He wear the sky of million smiles
In aptness, i look with sexy grins
My heart leap off her riby rhymes.

But let me begin with my bitter story
How my innocence died in-no-sense
How i became the mystery of miseries
Let me tell how my young was abused
From the wicked-end mischiefs of life
To the corrupt-eld yokes of my mind.

I grew from my nostrils down to mouth
As a minded mid-mild promising child
Then life came to seduce my naked eyes
With the lustful rifle between his thighs
But a lad knows not what life connotes
Until he finds them in contexts of time.

But when I knew life's not for wo-men
I did wear the hustle shades to woo men
One day,I shall find my one in their tens
He give me a letter printed in my name
I read the words of new wealth and fame
I'm so happy i have to say; that I am gay.

I hold a feast of no food and drinks
For those who know not;
That happiness means gayness.

Micheal Ace

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