Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


While tortoise prayed for shells
So canivores will not prey on them
I was not there and i was not here
While the pythons prayed for fang
So fright shall not cease in human
I was not near and i was nowhere

But now that I have dined with age
When my hands can bathe my back
Now that I've menstruated on page
When I can read and get pregnant
I shall say and i've said that I pray...
I've said and I shall say that I pray...

May all mouths that spill sane words
Suck enough from the breasts of God
May these rainbow and her colours
Tattoo our eyes with symbols of love
And may you that read these thought
Stand one day like castles on rocks

These splendors shall lack no guts
While all writers find enough muses
These rigours shall build golden vaults
While the poets end with no bruises
For i have said and i say that I pray...
For i say and i have said that I pray...

Micheal Ace

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