Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


If poetry is the galaxy of stars
I will dare become the nights
If poetry is a million airplanes
I will encloud myself to be sky
If there is poetry in these words
Then, I will love to be your eyes
If poetry is the secret lexicons
I will be tonguey and garrulous
If poetry is the lust in our mind
I will look naked to every sights
If poetry is me, if poetry is you
Then, I will be air, I will be food
But like our sister who has no breast
Poetry is none of those I have said
Because I have been to the gods
I saw the vultures smoking weed
Weed coated in wraps of poetry
I have visited the aged ancestors
I met their teeth on potato chips
Finely fried in tender oil of poetry
So I did dig deep into these words
I see poetry coloured as rainbow
Each strip as a droplet of blessing
Bleeding peace to this very world
With the song, 'if poetry is rainbow'
Then seven blessings to every soul
Micheal Ace

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