Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


They came in convoy,
Each stranded as letters.
They are called words
Weaved alphabets.
But they were with no feet
and they said as they sit.

I lost my virginity,
Lies stole my dignity
I was birthed with powers,
But i lost them all to lies.
I cry when i hear the world
Calling me lamed word.

Promises were kept in me,
Vows rooted in me.
I was the message of oat.
I was the wisdom in quotes.
But i fell for lies
and it broke my heart.

My letters were brutalised,
I though humanized.
But human sold me to lies,
In sympathised price.
How i wish i went not
to be built in voice-box

Let human go dumb,
but birds to sing on,
For they speak the truth of me,
sincerity in muse on me
I detest the voice of man
For they take me all for lies.

Micheal Ace

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