Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Papa called me. He said, little boy
Know now that women are poor
They are like skin that clothes boils
They are like the vulnerable blobs

Give a woman love and Ice-creams
She will bless you in smiley beams
Then, smash her to cry and scream
She will forgive when flowers gleam

Papa said, this is needle and thread
For your woman's heart and dress
For she's your fate-ascribed emblem
Emblem of none: Just love and tears

Mama called me, she said intimately
My son, women are stomachs of deceit
For when you leave us to bad dreams
We still see only what we choose to see.

When a woman's face sourly drench
In lettered tears but unspoken fears
Give her a glance of heart on it's knees
She shall smile hurting your evil deeds

Go to a woman for shot of forgiveness
With a bouquet of flower in shes strenght
Then their heart shall soften and melt
For their love shall always bring them tears

Micheal Ace

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