Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


When the sun got drenched in sweats
and the sky could not curtail it's tears
I felt a drift down the alley of my pant
Just as she held me with tempting spines
I lost my tongue to the grips of her jaws
as i drove ruthless with my pedals clawed

I have counted the hours in that minute,
and they were just a couple of seconds
For her nipple bled sweetly to my thirst
as the air stared at her firm feeble breast.
My hands ran through her strands of hair
and earth died on the big bouncing bed.

I felt the hot heat from her sexy furnace
Stinging momentarily my coated flesh
Her lips springs a yummy milky smooch
and i lost sanity in between her thighs.
My drives drove in speed adventurously
to the rich island of full empty fullness.

But this existence existed in extinction
When i woke degreed in lucent reality
I saw my honour being dragged in mud
and prides i lost to few seconds of guts.
Hunger got me fanged to dine with lust
Now i'm filled with fed bolus of disgust.

Micheal Ace

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