Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


It takes these souls and spirits
It takes all hopes and secrets
It takes the truths and deceits
For a man's eyes to turn to sea
It takes the aches of goodbye
It takes pains of a broken heart
It takes the disarrays of a mind
For water to flood a man's eyes
It takes horrors, it takes peace
It takes the fluctuability we see
It takes death, it takes stillbirth
For blood to overflow the heart
When our today turns to cloud
And tomorrow invisible like auras
When life gets married to doubts
Faces and smiles will be in asunder
When Everest mocks mountains
And Jupiter outlaugh other planets
When the snows taunts the rain
Men's wrinkles shall be drenched
But fates dwell in heaven hands
We only strive to do what is right
Tears are meant for soaked skies
So men are not supposed to cry
I have gone to the underworlds
I have seen how hopes don't die
I bring their message to our world
That let them know; men don't cry
Micheal Ace

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