Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


I know what i see
When i call my dog a she.

I heard the gods are dead
With their morals and godliness
So i know all godlessness
Has flawed my dog and her dog-li-ness.
For she has now fed her old being
The tricks of now and it's newbies?

Who told my old dog of freedom
And freeness of head with no crown?
Who gave her liberty to cloth her words
With her breasts mocking their no-gown?
I lament that she knows not shame
When her nude is figured in broad day.

I have not seen a dog without tail
An incisor, tongue and the thin furs
But my old dog has cut her tail
She said; it's the style of aged days
She has shorten her tongue
For she eats candy and no excreta
She has broken her incisor
Because she wants a set set of teeth
My old dog has no more furs
For she now clothes in rag-y cloths.

Who said;
That you cannot teach old dog new tricks?
But you need not tutor them
For they see themselves the today things
So come,
Let me show you lady in my neighbourhood
And then, you shall know what i see
To have called my dog a she.

Micheal Ace

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