Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Come, sit and listen
Let me feed this bones to your teeth
Before they turn to rocks in history .
Come but forget not your deep eyes
Make them begin cry from distance
For we shall all feast in tears tonight

Let me tell you about this ìdálá fruits
And how màmá lost her breath to a bite
How pàpá eloped with life on palm groove
And how he paid his life as the bride price
Let me tell you about this ill-fated head
And how it made me a hopeless homeless

Let me tell their last words to me...
Son, if the dark sky still do cry
This tears will never despise your eyes
If the moon's command still make sun dies
Then darkness must bewilder your mind
Because you have brought pains and frights

If these gods are really dead,
Then please take me to their graves
For my questions have questioned my birth
Because of this soar and unending wails
If the heavens have not my answers,
Then please tell me God is crazy

If you read my wails and still not care
Then i must tell you these words,
That these words are really not mine
But a man's who sleeps sleepless in disgust
And hides behind closed door of every dreams
This man is me, i am this man, i'm yet to know him.

Micheal Ace

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