Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I know our barren earth was once fertile
Why would this happen? i seek answers

It aches the tongue that spits this words
How we have slipped off to 'is' from 'was'
I cut my skin and it was too dry to bleed
Even my paths grows no more of weeds
Who brought joy to our saddened sky?
That it refuse to shed on earth it's tears

Our king rules with pain having no heir
The soldiers war with hopes in despair.
This turn in time still leaves me agape
As i notice the hurry in speeds of days
Though sister married as a virgin maiden
She hasn't fruit mama's hand with a baby

I remember those days at papa's farm,
We bury seeds in trust of rich harvests
But now cattles has fled from their barn
And our crops are preyed upon by pests
Who duped our chuckens of their wombs?
What has differentiated gander from goose?

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