Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Mother was double on her single feet
Slipping off narrow barricade of life
I left running my million feet on earth
In search of food to keep mother alive
The world seems in tense thirst of men
good enough to lend helping hands

But just before i got starved of hope
I saw a man under this big blue sky
He in turn gave me one loaf of bread
Then the vigilant sun lost my tracks
As i soar home in heed to mother's call
She ate and air built castles in her lungs

Now i have earned every earth's treasure
My heart bleed to repay his kindness
For when mother was seized by death
She bought her with his one loaf of bread
Find him for me under tbis vast universe
and let me bless him in million good times

I will beckon to stars to lighten his path
and the bright sun to brighten his heart
Because his seed of fertile mistard bread
Make mother's rock stand among men
Then when he is set to leave for afterlife
I will buy him a one million loaves of bread.

 Micheal Ace

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