Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Tomorrow shall come back again,
To buy these words i'm yet to say
That there is a poet who does not write
He only speaks in the vocals of his lines
A poet who thinks not before he craft
As the words come alongside the scribes.

There is a poet who never blame the gods
Even when bloopers overthrow his cups
There is a poet who climbs his tall fence
To drop his sweet poems in my ambience
There is a poet whose poetry has no styles
But hope and guts running mystery miles.

Tomorrow shall come back again,
To seek the splendors of this poet's reign
He shall be found behind his daring eyes
Reading what i write for him tonight
He shall smoke off smiles between his lips
And pick his pen to enjoy moments of flint.

And who is this poet?
No one else but YOU,
Your words give me life,
So i shall die when you stop to write,
Thanks for being a poet!!!
Thanks for writing poetry...

Micheal Ace

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