Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


My mother is beautiful beyond charming smiles
My sister's beauty soars than the eagles in the sky
Black is pretty than sparkles of diamonds on earth
The whites shines glittering like the painted arts.
We are beautiful and that is our pride

The joyful melody played by colours of rainbows
And the breeze that follows me everywhere i go
Will we talk about the beauty stripes on peacocks?
Or the flawless figure of the sky scaling white doves?
There are no controversies, we are beautiful.

I am beautiful in my muscles and well knitted skin,
What about the strands of hairs all over my chin
I am awesome in the sweet way my voice breaks
Making me masculine, thus the ground shakes.
I say with the mouth of all men, we are beautiful

Talk about my twists or my ever gentle curves,
What about the beauty of my so precious love
I am the mother of nations, a descendant of Eve
Can you see this jewelries on my silver sleeves
I say with the mouth of all women, we are beautiful.

Micheal Ace

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