Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Had i known
you had been on tour with a whirlwind
you had eat with death on a grave feast
I woudn't
have mocked you with your one toe
and till your soil with my odd hoe

ASAKE is the mortal God
She reached the end,she went further more
she makes a stuborn queen go on bald
and breaks the cloud in whole or part
How mythical is her claw?
It could break the galaxy in her accord

What a pity
Shame on you ASAKE
you can write but cannot erase
unable to reverse your actions even till date
your mercy dwells on the castle in the air
as you are too dumb to halt a battle you declare

An encyclopeadia cannot whole your mythical history
even no writer would dare pen your radical misery
ASAKE is the fear of the whole town
Feminine in look but supermanly in mind

Do you care to hear ASAKE's horror tale
If YES,then
you want to be a prey that gives honor wail
Maybe its better you read about her here and keep a shut
Do not let people hear,do not tell the world

ASAKE...(A young lady with great supernatural power in a yoruba tale)

Micheal Ace

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