Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


(Response to FOR HOW LONG by #Oki_Julius)
A man will lose his tongue
To the wails of his poetry
To the cries of the readers
To the darkness of this night
For he asks 'for how long'?
He has taken much more
Than his rocky teeth can chew
For he dare asks 'for how long'
When these miseries had begun
Even before we were born
I will take him down to Africa
For him to see that a lifetime
Is too short for this to last
He will hear the faint echoes
Singing 'we have just begun'
I will ask and he will ask
She will ask and they will ask
That for how long will sorrow last
On the white path of our eyes
But none shall know the answer
Because Nigeria is the home
Of those who curse their land
Nigeria is the home
Of patriot with no true heart
Nigeria is home of those who say
There is another home so faraway
Micheal Ace

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