Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Let this poetry remain a scar
Like those paths upon your palm
Let these words stay fragrant
Like the hand that pulls your pant
For my lips may hold yours tight
Still, I may never have your back

Let my promises be the paradise
That sounds sweet on Sabbaths
Let my touches remain fingers
Let them caress you hard at night
For if I'm caught on the game of life
I may sit, sad but watch you die

Let my smiles remain the stars
That would never desert the sky
Even when the livings die
And heaven sheds off her might
For love is a bird soaring so high
Which is just a wish for mankind

Let my beauty become a monstar
For your loneliness and cowardice
Let my voice become the drawer
That speaks soft but fetches tears
For nothing wastes the art of man
Like this love which is simply lie

So let love be to those that write
Let them use it to brew their art
Let's give this love to mamma
Let her keep it at the graveyard
For the fall of earth and man
Is this love which is simply lie

 Micheal Ace

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