Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016

OLÙKÓ ÀGBÀ {Headmaster}

The deities have collected kolanuts
Even the gods have received palm-oil
That is why their filthy mouth is shut
But I am a lone man against your sins
So I shall make even the blinds to see
I shall make the dead feel your deeds
Truth is at inch against deceit's miles
Even their parent cries beneath smiles
But I fetch pain in the well of their heart
Let me tell the world tales of your wrong
Your dubious games behind closed doors
I shall tell them all in these infirmed words
Do you remember that Monday afternoon?
When you forced Asake's sun into your moon
And turned my love's pride into doom
Do you remember the grade-three girls?
That you played pranks on their breasts
You never knew one was my sister's friend
Do you remember my brother dropped out?
Because he could not provide you a couch
When you demanded more than a house
You may never remember your excreta
But I do for I packed them with my hands
Your sin's frame still hang around my heart
Sir, I have learnt to humiliate the elders
Those with perilous and damned minds
Your grey head is nothing to my blind eyes
So I shall be back with mountain of stones
And call children for fun-filled and giant throw
To crumble your manhood, soul and home
Micheal Ace

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