Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


We were encircled
our feelings entangled
we had one million moment
in that single moment
emotions flooded in torrent
one in a million torrent

Each braid of hair braided in braids
braids of your braided hair
braided in braiding braids
my fingers ran through the braids
as each strand downs its braid
braided are strands
stranded are the braids.

We swam in paddles
and paddled with the canoe
the sky must miss our view
we shone the shows of soweto
our colours were dreams of rainbow
and to our loving pours,the rain bows

Didn't my lips stumbled on yours?
and we had love cuddled in us?
didn't we pace the earth's pace on horse?
we had all the glimpse of all in all
all of me loved all of you
but now
all of you hurts all of me
all for you
and none for me.

Micheal Ace

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