Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


We were all on the wheel
Then they crossed us at a lofty speed
My friend got shot, she bled to death
She was dead but gave me her breath.
We were all duped of Life
But death returned me alive.

I took another breath in hell
Angels in rags stripped themselves naked
They made me to be gay,
I had no choice, Satan too was gay
It was a multi-feast of sex
My favorite was serpent, so sturdy on bed

I travelled the edges of hell and fire
I wore the rags, dressed in death's attire
Then devil said to me in a coarse voice
Leave for earth but make sure to write all
Scribe on walls for men to read
All that you saw heard and did.

I took in the breath she gave me
I saw the world in her aging
I remembered the whole of those miseries
And here i come to reveal it
I am the bad news bringing the good news
So world, Read Me First.

Micheal Ace

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