Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


I bought myself a golden watch,
I love the glassy screen so much.
So i got a pad to guide the screen
to keep afar scratches on the fringe.
Safer now but the beauty dropped,
Nudity, a style or storm?.

Daddy bought me a precious shirt,
with shinning stones on the outskirt.
But it was summer with lots of dirt,
So to guide it i always wear jackets.
I hid the beauty but saved the worth
Nudity, a style or storm?.

Bones and blood are streamed in pipes,
Pipes clothed by musles in neat lines.
Muscles covered with feeble flesh.
Flesh weaved sweetly as a body.
But body left naked loses worth.
Nudity, style or storm?.

Come closer my lovely daughter,
Of what glory is a skin uncovered?
Peel the onion of it's leafy skin
then with time it will rot and wilt.
Beauty in epitome lies in cloths
Nudity, style or Storm?.

Micheal Ace

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