Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


(Last tribute from a father to his dead son)
I have heard you talk
I have seen you crawl
I have seen you chuckle
I have heard you chortle
I have seen your face so wide
Like the vast surface of the skies
I have seen you dance and wiggle
I have seen you flaunt your dimples
But I have never seen your body calm
Like river flowing in the direction of tide
I have never felt you so cold
Like the snows along Soweto
But if truly you have crossed
Over that barricade of death
Take this to heaven and God
Say its a message from earth
The little children are learning
The scary rhythms of battlecry
The youths spend their earning
On swords, axe, bow and spear
Our apt warriors are bracing up
For the coming of Armageddon
Because we are tired of this loose heart
That beats today and stops tomorrow
We are fed up with this bulging eyes
That rain tears in depth of sorrow
We want no more of cold blood
Splashed on this virgin floors
We want to be the master
Ruling upon our own lives
Take this to heaven, son
As we stare at the sun
Micheal Ace

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