Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


What else will your eyes long for?
Than to see a man robed in rags,
With scores of giant exulting flies.
For that's what the theme implies

But i wear my impeccable smiles,
Upon this glittering golden coat
Lilies and roses envy my fragrance
Still, Im nothing but a mad man.

Because he with a sight as Python's
Will see beyond this veil of words
That my mind pongs as that of trolls
And my senses flogged from my soul.

For when i soar along tracks of life,
My mind stumbled off cliff of sanity
Bringing upon me plague of delirium
And a sudden absence of tranquility,

Under my fine coat is a derailed mind
Coupled with my tense insane heart.
Though your frowns admire my smiles,
But still, Im nothing but a mad man.

Micheal Ace

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