Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


She came to me bleeding on the dead of my night,
And i woke my pen to write for her.

I was the moon amidst sparkling stars,
And tracks of my panties still shinning white.
All until this day i met this charming Charles,
He mused my world and my heart began to write.
I watched his waits in front of my house
And it spelt love just before my count of doubts

Daddy asked me in a tone of fear;
How much do you trust that man in smiles?
He warned my eyes of groan and tears,
But i trusted his vows on every dark night.
Mummy warned to always close my legs,
I still remember her stare at my budding breast.

On this night of august, we were all alone.
Charles brought a cup and poured me a shot,
it was my first feast with alcohol.
The clock then began ticks in my absence.
I woke with a bad news, Charles had left,
The worst news, my panties were wet.

I saw the galaxy of stars mock my moon,
Charles aroused a blackout to eclipse my noon
I ran from the pity in every stares,
so my night would be free from early mares.
the blood had stopped dripping down my thighs
But a raped virgin ceases not to bleed from heart

Micheal Ace

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