Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


So if you can't find your blindness
On the face of the sacrosanct seer
Then don't rip this limpid seal
For they shall rend your garment
Because these words are thorns...

If maidens come to you for bread
And you seek to smooch their breasts
Then we need to tie a corn to your pubic
And make you wander naked amidst fowls

If you see your friend walk on the sea
And you remark it's because he cannot swim
Then your head must be hung on the tree
And we shall ride out the birds for their lunch.

If you dine with kings and rap with queens
While a friend's or family's life is ruined
Then you are no way better than the dead,
And lo, your body should be robbed of  It's head

If these words pierce your flesh
Please don't break her bone
If they spill your medicine in the stream
Please don't spill your anger on her egg
Because before her birth, her mother has said
That these words are thorns...

Micheal Ace

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