Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Response to Adeleke Julianah's "A Child-Bride"

I will chop your fingers to slices,
and bury them where sun doesn't shine.
Flood of woe on your Adam and Eve,
If their stupidity fall on the tree of life.
Just when the fruits are still unripe.

I say my blessings of horror to the hands,
that you stretch to take my child as bride.
Do you not know of her mother's griefs?,
and the wishes in her father's dreams.
If your days are in haste of wedlock,
then buy bones as bride price for the dogs.

Her heart cannot even hold the breaths,
There are yet no breasts on her chest.
What hole exist between her legs,
and therein she is too young for sex.
Give not my daughter to claws of marriage,
Respect her virginity, honour her age.

Let's all strive to curb the menace of Child-Bride.

Micheal Ace

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